This is a dual-action injectable which combines an instant lift effect with longer-lasting volumnisation.  Hyaluronic acid provides the immediate lift whilst the active CaHA ingredient stimulates natural collagen production within as little as 7 days to promote skin volume and structure.  It’s essentially a clever type of dermal filler which provides two benefits in one.


What should i expect

The treated areas may feel tender and sensitive for 24-48 hours after treatment.  Occasionally small nodules may form under the skin.  These can be massaged out quite easily for a period of a few days post-treatment as the injected product is able to be manipulated before it is fully integrated into the tissue.

The results of HArmonyCa™ is intended to be both immediate and lasting.  You can often see a difference straight away as the product plumps up and firms the skin.  It’s a fairly instant treatment for firming, contouring, volumising or smoothing wrinkles.  In the weeks and months following treatment, the product will stimulate your natural collagen leading to longer lasting results.


  • Pain or stinging sensation when the injection is performed.
  • Localized swelling, redness and or tenderness
  • Bleeding at the sites of injection
  • Bruising.  Rarely, bruising may be severe and may persist for several weeks.
  • Numbness or itching of the area following injection.

Common side effects are expected to resolve spontaneously, within the first few days of treatment. Whilst not expected, it is possible that reactions described may persist for longer than expected and may inhibit your confidence to attend work or social events. You are advised to schedule treatment with this in mind, allowing time for common reactions such as bruising and swelling, to settle.


  • Infection
  • Inflammation
  • Skin discoloration
  • Perfect symmetry is not always achievable.
  • Infection or skin discoloration may occur within a few days, or weeks to months following treatment.
  • Allergic or sensitivity reaction. Symptoms include; itching, rash, red itchy welts, wheezing, asthma symptoms, dizziness or feeling faint. Get medical help immediately if you have any difficulty breathing.
  • Abscess formation
  • Prolonged swelling which may occur early or present after several weeks
  • Persistent lumps, nodules or papules
  • Acne like formations
  • A Foreign body reaction known as ‘granuloma’ presenting as lumps or nodules 
  • The blood supply to the skin may be interrupted by swelling or inadvertent injection into a vessel, causing pain, skin damage and possible scarring.
  • Though extremely rare, transient visual disturbance or permanent blindness has been reported following injectable cosmetic treatment.
  • Stroke is an even rarer complication resulting from intra-arterial injection of fillers,  there is documented evidence of cases where there has been facial vascular occlusion with filler substance that this has lead to blindness and stroke which can be fatal.


Whilst it is important to understand that this is a very rare complication, and, that whilst your practitioner will take all precautions to avoid this complication,  it is a risk of treatment. The side-effects associated with treatments and listed above could be exacerbated when viral infections are present in the body, this is a risk of Covid-19 and Vaccination its is therefore recommended that you leave a three week interval between Infection or Vaccination and Treatment. 

Your practitioner attends regular training, has access to emergency drugs and is a member of the Aesthetic Complications Expert Group, your safety is our priority.


  • YOU MUST read the VASCULAR OCCLUSION GUIDE you should read this thoroughly VO GUIDE
  • Make-up should not be worn for at least 8 hours
  • Wash as normal using tepid water and DO NOT apply creams to the treated area for 8 hours
  • If you have swelling use ice, make sure that you do not place the ice directly onto the skin, a clean tissue or thin cloth should be wrapped around it. Use the ice up to 10 minutes per hour maximum
  • You can take an antihistamine If the swelling is not settling down
  • Bruising can be extensive and persist for several days, the use of ice will also help with this as directed above
  • If you have cold sores please contact the practitioner they may advise the use of Aciclovir anti-viral cream or provide you with a prescription of oral anti-viral tablets
  • DO NOT MASSAGE, unless you practitioner has instructed you to do so , this is not common
  • Avoid heat, refrain from exercise, swimming, sauna and steam rooms for 24-48 hours
  • Do not undergo any facial treatment for at leat 14 days
  • Please report any unusual effects to your Practitioner, do not discuss with friends and relatives your Practitioner is trained to give you the correct advice, instruct you on aftercare & give treatment. TIME is always important in the event of an adverse reaction post treatment.
  • If you observe heat and/or redness to the treated area which persists, this could indicate an infection, you MUST report this to your Practitioner, you will be asked to attend the clinic and a prescription may be administered.
  • Post treatment swelling is usual and to be expected, however should this persist or occur days or weeks after treatment it could indicate another problem and you may require treatment with steroid therapy, this is rare.


I understand that though complications are uncommon, they do sometimes occur. It is possible that side effects not described may occur and indeed that a complication not previously reported may occur for the first time. I understand if I suffer any adverse reactions that are not expected, or concern me, I must contact my practitioner, and book a review appointment.  MD Medical Aesthetics Ltd cannot take responsibility for complications or results that have not been reported, assessed, documented and managed in a timely manner.  Whilst I have been advised of the probable result, this cannot be interpreted as a guarantee. Results vary from one individual to another.

I confirm that the medical health history form has been completed truthfully and I am fully aware that withholding medical information, including history of previous treatment, may be detrimental to the safe and optimal outcome of any treatment administered.  If there are any changes in my medical history, I must inform the practitioner.

I confirm that I have been provided with verbal and written information about this treatment which includes aftercare and follow up advice and I agree to follow the aftercare advice and understand this reduces risk of adverse reactions and helps ensure optimum results.

I understand information about me will be treated as confidential and access to it restricted in accordance with the Data Protection Act, unless specific permissions given.

By consenting to treatment you accept the clinic terms and conditions as outlined:

  • You are satisfied that the treatment has been explained comprehensively
  • That the possible risks and side effects associated with the treatment have been fully discussed and understood
  • That you have taken sufficient time to process and consider the information provided and any questions have been answered to your satisfaction, before making a decision to proceed with the agreed treatment plan.
  • You consent to your medical records being shared with appropriate professional staff
  • You accept emergency intervention treatment if required