IndicatedVolume Loss or Facial Contouring
Filler TypeHyaluronic Acid
BrandsJuvederm, Restylane, Teosyal or Belotero
In ClinicYes
Procedure30 - 60 minutes
Follow up7 - 14 days
Not SuitableLupus & autoimmune conditions
Price£130 - £300 per syringe
Repeat Tx6 - 18 months
DowntimeBruising & Swelling 7-10 days


Dermal fillers are temporary fillers and can be natural or synthetic, we only use high quality a natural Hyalauronic Acid (HA) Fillers, natural temporary filler. HA is a water-loving sugar chain molecule that naturally occurs in the skin.  HA delivers nutrients which helps the skin to retain moisture, softness & adds volume.  

When injected into the desired area the HA filler increases volume, definition and restores a smoother appearance of the skin.  We have carefully selected dermal fillers that have unique properties.  Fillers typically lasts from 6 month to 18 months depending upon type and area of treatment.

As there are several types of Hyalauronic Acid fillers & your practitioner will help you to decide which is the most suitable to achieve the results you are looking for.  All our fillers are purchased through authorised pharmacies in the United Kingdom, ensuring safety and efficacy.


Facial lines occur as a result of loss of collagen which makes the skin less elastic, movements of the face or dynamic movement lines e.g. Smiling or frowning these lines may require filler treatment with either dermal fillers or hydrating Meso injection.

The treatment selected for the type of line is determined by not only the depth of the line but also the facial anatomy, incorrect treatment can result in heaviness, and over filling can distort the natural features of the face.

Dermal Fillers can also support tissue where volume has decreased with age, for example earlobes or where increased projection is required such as Chin & Cheek Augmentation.


The 8 point lift was developed by Mauricio de Maio, a facial plastic surgeon from Brazil, the technique has been developed over the last few years and is now called the MD Codes which is an advanced version of the basic 8 point lift.  

The principles of this technique were developed by assessing the face taking into account the skin laxity, fat pad dissent and loss of bone density.  The Vycross Juvederm filler range are injected in specific locations of the face to address the effects of the ageing face to give a natural looking result.


There are several characteristics to the lip anatomy which adds to the attractiveness of the lip, however the attractiveness of these characteristics are also are dependent upon other features of the facial anatomy to ensure that the proportions are not distorted.

Lip features which can be enhanced are the vermillion border to define or increase pout and lip body filler which increases the volume of the lip to add proportion or increase the size. The techniques used are specific to an individual which should improve their natural features.


As we age the area under the eye may become hollow and the skin which is already thin and delicate can lose elasticity due to a reduction collagen quality and quantity.  The result is a tired-looking appearance.  Individuals are also prone to dark undereye and hollows naturally and this can make them very self conscious.  

Redensity 2 is a dermal filler licenced for use in the under eye area and is designed for under eye correction and tear trough treatment. It is Hyaluronic Acid based, but also contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants to further brighten the area.  It is administered via a blunt cannula.

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Dermal Filler FAQ's

It is a naturally occurring sugar in the body, the hyalauronic acid (HA) used in the dermal filler has been manufactured  to replicate the natural substance.  The HA is then cross linked  to form a gel which can vary in viscosity (thickness).

This cross linking process binds the chains of the molecules to form the HA into a smooth gel, the molecules of HA are highly hydrophilic (absorb water) which can be of further benefit by improving the skin hydration in the treated area.

Patients may need more than one treatment to get the desirable smoothing/filling effect.  Successful results will depend on the health of the skin, the skill of the practitioner, the type and amount of filler used. The time that the effect lasts depends on the filler material used and the area where it is injected.

In short only if the person injecting fillers is suitably qualified not only to inject the filler but manage complications which is covered below.

Dermal Fillers have been used for many years, these Fillers have been developed over this time and some types of synthetic fillers are now obsolete, the industry has learned over the years which Fillers are safe to use in particular hyalauronic acid filler is the most popular as these Fillers can be dissolved in emergency situations and also can be softened if the patient has over correction or asymmetry.

As stated above dermal fillers are very safe, the technique of injection can cause bruising and swelling which can range in severity, the full list of complications will be discussed with you before you have your treatment and an aftercare document will be provided with an emergency number. If you’d like to view the emergency procedure guide click here.


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