IndicatedUnderarm Sweating or Hyperhidrosis
Diagnosis Type Toxin Injections
BrandsBotox or Bocouture
In ClinicYes
Procedure30-45 minutes
Follow upDose Adjustment 14-21 Days
Not SuitableMyasthenia Gravis, ALS, ELS
Price£350 - £375
Repeat Tx6+ months
DowntimeNo Downtime


Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating. the condition is mostly associated with the axilla (armpit), however,  it can affect other parts of the body. 

Treatment is administered with a small fine needle, via multiple superficial injections, a follow-up appointment is offered and a dose adjustment if required is administered at 14-21 days post treatment.

It is important to understand that for some people a significant reduction can be achieved and for some individuals almost all sweating will stop in the treated area.


Most of people have a genetic inclination for hyperhidrosis and include 30-50% of the affected population, in the majority of these patients, the cause is unknown.  A thorough consultation will establish the severity of your hyperhidrosis, we can also perform a miners test (see below) to target the treatment it is important to understand repeat treatment may be more


The condition may also arise due to an underlying health condition. The most common diseases causing excessive sweating include hyperthyroidism, obesity, adrenal gland disorders, and Parkinson’s disease.  Many people find that treatments are only required during the warmer months but treatments can be repeated as necessary.

Miners Test

This test is administered to evaluate the presence of perspiration, this test can be applied prior to the hyperhidrosis treatment and again to establish the reduction of sweating.  Iodine is applied to the area followed by starch powder, areas where perspiration is still present will turn black indicating areas which may need further treatment.

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Hyperhidrosis Injections FAQ's

Botulinum toxin injections is a treatment that helps to control the symptoms of severe underarm sweating when other treatments have not been successful. Botulinum toxin is injected into the skin and works by temporarily blocking the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands.

We only use prescription medicines that have been rigorously tested there are several toxins available but we only use two, Botox and Bocouture. Both medicines are effective and safe there is a small price difference and it is entirely up to the patient which they prefer, ask your Practitioner for advice if you are uncertain.

There will often be some minor bruising and discomfort where the injections have been given which should settle within a few days. There maybe muscle weakness near to where the injections were given which would usually disappear after a few weeks. Some patients experience pins and needles or itching, sweating elsewhere or small nodules under the skin.

Botulinum Toxin has been used therapeutically for many years and in aesthetics for over 20 years and does not appear to cause any negative long-term effects. Once administered, Botox typically leaves the body within 3-6 months, although, as with any medical procedure, it is important to seek advice from a qualified professional beforehand.


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