IndicatedSkin Rejuvenation
TypeMicro Needling
BrandsNanopore & Aquagold
In ClinicYes
Procedure45 minutes
Follow up1-4 weekly intervals
Not SuitableHypertrophic/Keloid Scarring, Eczema & Dermatitis
Price£95 - £300 per session
Repeat TxAs required
Downtime24-48 Hours


Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure for your skin. The device has multiple needles which are stamped onto the skin creating tiny chanels.  We use a variety of topical solutions to enter these Chanels and this enables better penetration.

In addition to these micro-chanels the injury caused by microneedling helps stimulate your skin’s healing process, so it produces more collagen and elastin. These proteins keep your skin firm and smooth.

Microneedling makes your skin glow after just one treatment and continues to boost the appearance of your complexion for months afterward. The benefits of microneedling are many.

Celluma LED Light Therapy treatment is recommended following the session which will aid healing & reduce the down time.


The Nanopore pen was developed by Sesderma is a Spanish company founded by a world renowned Dermatologist .  The machine has a customisable depth adjustment & speed so can be used to treat the face and body and can be further adjusted to treat more delicate areas like the Undereye.

Topical nanomeso solutions are added to the surface of the skin as the nanopore creates the micro-channels.  Following treatment you can expect the skin to feel firmer and glow, results 4-6 weeks a course of 3 treatments are recommended For more info on our nanomeso solutions click here


Aquagold fine touch is the new revolutionary treatment favoured by the Hollywood elite.  A custom serum which is exclusive to MD Medical is mixed and added to the device.  As the device is stamped into the skin it injects the custom solution into the skin through the micro-channels.  The result is glowing skin with minimal downtime, it’s gentle enough to treat the face neck and décolletage.

The Aquagold custom facial consists of full cleanse, peel, custom solution and 30 minute Celluma LED treatment .  You can find out more about our custom solutions here.


Research has shown that light emitting diode (LED) or phototherapy can increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, kill acne bacteria, decrease inflammation, improve acne prone skin, skin tone, texture and clarity We recommend a 30 minute session of light therapy following your peel, we offer an FDA approved treatment with celluma, red light therapy or blue light therapy depending upon your skin requirements.  Treatment with the Celluma is relaxing and you can expect to see less redness and less downtime following the session.

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Nanopore can treat wrinkles, flaccidity (body and facial) and photo-ageing. The results of micro-needling are visible from the first session. This treatment is both effective and gentle on your skin, while being fully compatible with your daily routine.

Your Practitioner will help yo to decide which treatment is most suited to your needs, there is a price difference which may influence your decision.  The custom solution for Aquagold also contains a prescription Toxin (Botox).

Although the treatment is minimally invasive, people can react differently to both treatment and topical solutions.  It’s is not advisable to wear make-up afterwards or expose the area to excessive heat.  We recommend to have treatment at least 24-48 hours before a special occasion as the results are at their best then.


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