The aim of the microsclerotherapy is to reduce and improve the appearance of unsightly thread veins on the legs often referred to as ‘spider-veins’ by injecting a solution called (Fibrovein) which damages the vessels’ lining causing them to heal closed and fade away.


  • Pain or stinging sensation when the injection is performed
  • Redness and some itching immediately following treatment is common but settles, usually within hours
  • Localized swelling, redness and or tenderness
  • Bruising Bleeding at the sites of injection numbness or itching of the area following injection
  • Aching, for the first few days after treatment
  • The thread veins are likely to look worse initially after treatment, veins may darken, and it may take up to four
    weeks for these after effects to settle
  • Brown staining of the skin, which may take up to 18 months to fade


  • New thread vein formation ‘capillary matting’ which is usually temporary
  • Infection Skin damage which could result in scarring
  • Nerve damage Allergic reaction, symptoms include; itching, rash, red itchy welts
  • A test patch will be conducted at your consultation prior to full treatment and this will be valid for six months.


Symptoms of a severe allergic reaction can include shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, difficulty swallowing, swelling of the tongue, eyelids, lips, hoarseness of the voice, stomach pain, nausea or diarrhoea. If you have any of the above symptoms please report to your nearest Accident & Emergency Department or call 999 for an ambulance. Deep Vein Thrombosis- is extremely rare as a consequence of microsclerotherapy. There is a risk in the general population. Can be life threatening. Symptoms include; pain and swelling inthe effected leg or difficulty breathing. Seek medical help immediately.


The treatment regime is typically 3 – 4 treatment sessions, 4 – 12 weeks apart may be required to cause the veins to fade; this is approximate and varies from person to person. It is possible for the appearance of the veins to worsen, which may or may not be as a consequence of treatment. It is possible that there may be little or no improvement.

Successfully treated veins are gone for good; however, there is no cure for the underlying cause. Your vein condition may or may not progress with or without treatment and sometimes worsens as a matter of course, whilst your treatment program is underway.


Results are also influenced by following post treatment instructions, you are required to wear medical-grade support hosiery this is critical to achieve treatment outcomes.  You should also refrain from certain lifestyle activities including high impact exercise and avoid heat from saunas, steam rooms etc

It is essential that you wear compression hosiery immediately following your treatment and for a period of 10 days following treatment. The compression hosiery should be medical grade with a moderate compression. Compression hosiery can be purchased easily but it is advisable to but good quality hosiery that will last throughout the treatment period.

  • Take a 10 minute walk immediately after treatment 
  • Do not touch the treatment area.
  • First 24 Hours wear compression hosiery
  • Cool shower after 12 hours no hot baths
  • 48 Hours No hot baths warm shower only
  • 48 Hours Avoid, swimming, hot tub, sauna & steam rooms
  • 48 Hours Do not shave or use hair removal creams
  • 10 Days wear compression hosiery days during the day only, take off for sleeping 
  • You should refrain from high impact exercise (running or exercise where both feet leave the ground) for 14 days post treatment
  • Exercise such as walking, cycling or swimming (after 48 hours) is fine, if your legs are exposed ensure that you use an UVA/UVB SPF 
  • You should try to put your feet whenever possible for the first two weeks following treatment. You can continue to wear your compression hosiery for longer than 10 days if you feel more comfortable.


I understand that though complications are uncommon, they do sometimes occur. It is possible that side effects not described may occur and indeed that a complication not previously reported may occur for the first time. I understand if I suffer any adverse reactions that are not expected, or concern me, I must contact my practitioner, and book a review appointment.  MD Medical Aesthetics Ltd cannot take responsibility for complications or results that have not been reported, assessed, documented and managed in a timely manner.  Whilst I have been advised of the probable result, this cannot be interpreted as a guarantee. Results vary from one individual to another.

I confirm that the medical health history form has been completed truthfully and I am fully aware that withholding medical information, including history of previous treatment, may be detrimental to the safe and optimal outcome of any treatment administered.  If there are any changes in my medical history, I must inform the practitioner.

I confirm that I have been provided with verbal and written information about this treatment which includes aftercare and follow up advice and I agree to follow the aftercare advice and understand this reduces risk of adverse reactions and helps ensure optimum results.

I understand information about me will be treated as confidential and access to it restricted in accordance with the Data Protection Act, unless specific permissions given.

By consenting to treatment you accept the clinic terms and conditions as outlined:

  • You are satisfied that the treatment has been explained comprehensively
  • That the possible risks and side effects associated with the treatment have been fully discussed and understood
  • That you have taken sufficient time to process and consider the information provided and any questions have been answered to your satisfaction, before making a decision to proceed with the agreed treatment plan.
  • You consent to your medical records being shared with appropriate professional staff
  • You accept emergency intervention treatment if required