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What are Dermal Fillers ?

Dermal fillers can be natural or synthetic, at Dermis Aesthetics we only use two types of Hyalauronic Acid Fillers Juvederm and Restylane both are FDA approved which indicates both efficacy and safety.  A dermal filler is not a medicine it is a medical device, however, the process of injecting the dermal filler should only be undertaken by a qualified medical professional.

What is Hyalauronic Acid ?

It is a naturally occurring sugar in the body, the hyalauronic acid (HA) used in the dermal filler has been manufactured  to replicate the natural substance.  The HA is then cross linked  to form a gel which can vary in viscosity (thickness).

This cross linking process binds the chains of the molecules to form the HA into a smooth gel, the molecules of HA are highly hydrophilic (absorb water) which can be of further benefit by improving the skin hydration in the treated area.

How many syringes will I need ?

Patients may need more than one treatment to get the desirable smoothing/filling effect.  Successful results will depend on the health of the skin, the skill of the practitioner, the type and amount of filler used. The time that the effect lasts depends on the filler material used and the area where it is injected.

Are dermal fillers safe ?

In short only if the person injecting fillers is suitably qualified not only to inject the filler but manage complications which is covered below.

Dermal Fillers have been used for many years, these Fillers have been developed over this time and some types of synthetic fillers are now obsolete, the industry has learned over the years which Fillers are safe to use in particular hyalauronic acid filler is the most popular as these Fillers can be dissolved in emergency situations and also can be softened if the patient has over correction or asymmetry.

What are the risks ?

As stated above dermal fillers are very safe, the technique of injection can cause bruising and swelling which can range in severity, the full list of complications will be discussed with you before you have your treatment and an aftercare document will be provided with an emergency number.

Serious Complications

  • Infection

Infections can happen to anyone at any time and can be as a result of poor sterile technique, or injecting large bolus of filler which can cause granuloma (inflammation) in the tissue resulting in infection sometimes weeks after the procedure.  Infections can also occur when the patient introduces bacteria after the procedure from touching the treated area or applying make up.  If an infection does occur a short course of antibiotics can be prescribed, it is important to understand that this is very rare.

  • Necrosis

The face contains soft tissue which is made up of nerves, arteries, veins, glands and muscle, a skilled injector will know how to assess the face and take relevant precautions to ensure that these areas of the face are avoided and that arteries are not injected into, also that the correct type of filler is used in the relevant areas to avoid the arteries being compressed.  In the unlikely event that a filler is injected into a vessel the practitioner will immediately recognise the signs and emergency Hylase will be administered which dissolves the filler.


Absolutely amazing!! Just been to see Mandie for lip fillers and they look incredible!! Mandie is so professional and completely honest with the best options for you. I am so so happy with my lips! I was an absolute nervous wreck as it was my first time but I was so impressed with how quick the procedure was and how painfree it was!!

Victoria Whyler

Only known Mandie for seven months but have built up an amazing friendship with her, went to get my first lip fillers feeling very nervous she immediately put at ease with no pressure, talked me all the way through it.
I've since had more filler and the Nanopore Microneedling which has had amazing results! I've recommended her to lots of friends and family .
She tells you how it is and gives the best advice..
Very pleased and extremely happy with my results.

Tammy Kennedy

I have known and been having my Botox injections by Mandie now for over 4 years and wouldn't trust anyone else. Completely professional and always gives good honest advice. I have recommended many of my clients to her (I'm a semi permanent makeup artist) and they are equally delighted with the results.

Adele Hardcastle

Mandie knows her profession
Very professional and thoughtful and service
Spot on keep up the great work.

Neil Shaw

Absolutely amazing love the out come of my lips, mandie is very quick and didn’t hurt at all totally recommend.

Toni Bray

Lovely staff makes you feel
Really relaxed excellent results.

Pauline Booth

Iv been going to mandie for 3+ years now and I’d never go to anyone else! She’s the best at what she does, highly recommend!!

Sian Hage

Just had my first ever cosmetic procedure and I'm so so pleased with the results even after a few hours. Mandie is so friendly and quick you don't even have chance to realise you have had the treatment. Highly recommended. Can't wait for my next treatments.

Sammy Chapman

Amazing, absolutely loved my lip fillers every time, very natural looking and gave me so much more confidence to smile. Would highly recommend Mandie, since having a year out to have a baby I’ve noticed such a big difference in my lips disappearing and really can’t wait to be back in the next few weeks, will never look back.

Galeigh James

First time visiting Mandie for my lip fillers and I am over the moon with them achieved exactly what I wanted if not better than I could of imagined.. a really lo lovely lady and very professional.. highly recommend and will 100% be returning, thank you again hun x

Leigh Dunn

Amazing lady and so happy with what I’ve had done. Can’t wait to see her again.

Hannah Needham

Was very nervous going to get my lips done but Mandie put me at ease and I love my lips! Done a fab job and now girls at work want to book in with Mandie

Aysha Bond
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